Football DIY Balloon Garland Kit

Are you ready for the BEST balloon garland kit designed in collaboration by both Meredith from Cake & Confetti AND Tiffany from Glamfetti?! Our two creative minds put together an easy and straight forward way to make big, full, professional style balloon garlands without using a balloon strip and in a do-it-yourself style.  We include what you need to create your own fabulous balloon arch, the perfect accessory for any football party backdrop. With an easy step by step video, you'll have your professional balloon garland made in no time! Need a longer garland? Select a few sizes from the drop down menu and combine them end to end.

Balloon Garland kit includes:

  • Assortment of 5", 11", & 16" balloons in green, cocoa, spring green, black
  • Option of 6ft, 8ft, or 10ft balloon garland. Lengths can vary between 5ft-6ft, 7ft-8ft, and 9ft-10ft based on how you cluster the balloons
  • Bands to connect balloon clusters
  • String balloons & command hooks to hang completed garland
  • Video instructions with Tiffany from Glamfetti and Meredith from Cake & Confetti 
  • OPTIONAL: add in 22" mylar football balloons, as pictured. Comes with string balloons to tie them into the garland!

Highly recommend an electric balloon pump to make your garland. Here is our favorite:

Balloon Warning: Adult supervision required because non-inflated balloons can be a choking hazard so please keep away from children.

Please note: Balloons will POP if overfilled; fill balloon SLOWLY!

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