"Baby" Balloon in Rose Gold, White Gold or Pastel Blue

Here comes baby!

This cursive 'baby' balloon comes in rose gold, white gold or pastel blue. 

Celebrate your new baby with these fashionable and trendy balloons. Pinterest-perfect and totally Instagram-worthy, these balloons will be trending by the end of your party.

Product details:

  • Approximately 31"x34" rose gold, pastel blue, or white gold mylar "baby" script (all letters are connected).
  • NO HELIUM NEEDED! These balloons are meant to be air-fill only and will NOT float with helium. Comes with a plastic straw to fill and no other tools are needed!
  • Self Sealing & reusable.
  • Ships flat and will come with twine so you are ready to hang. Tabs can be hidden easily by taping them down to the back with a small piece of tape!
  • Made in USA.

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